7 Medical Checks for Women above 40 Years of Age

medchecksTurning 40 is both a blessing and a curse for women. From the proliferation of fat and the disappearance of the hitherto curvaceous body to the development of health issues, that no one wants to grow old is not a wonder, but it is inevitable.

Once you hit 40, your health starts inclining downwards. Your immunity takes a dip, making you susceptible to many health conditions. However, it is possible to prevent age-related sicknesses by going for a number of essential medical tests. This will enable you to fight strongly throughout your old age. You will know the things to use or avoid in order to keep healthy.

Here are seven medical checks for women of 40 years and beyond:

  1. Screening for blood pressure

bloodpressureIt is possible to maintain the required blood pressure by eating good diet, regular exercise and medication. Taking blood pressure tests is necessary, as regularly as you may be advised by your doctor. Medical experts propose that you should have your blood pressure tested after every 2 years. However, the tests can be done regularly, if you have a family of blood pressure in your family. The top number (systolic number) should be 120-139 and the bottom number (diastolic number) should be 80-89 mm Hg. If it gets higher, you should see your physician to advice you accordingly.

  1. Blood sugar testing

Glucose level blood testAfter years of eating unhealthy food, your pancreas could be wearing out meaning its ability to produce insulin could be hampered. If you have a history of diabetes in your family, you might be at higher risk of getting diabetes and thus you should get tested more often if you are over 40. It is recommended that you take blood sugar tests once every three years. However, your doctor may recommend that you get frequent checks depending on your risk factors.

  1. Cholesterol testing

cholesterolHigh levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol in your blood can make you a victim of heart-related illnesses if not checked in good time. You can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and improve your good (HDL) cholesterol levels. You can only do this if you get a cholesterol screening. Preferably, you should go for testing once every 5 years, unless your health specialist advises otherwise.

  1. Mammogram and other breast checks

MammogramtestAfter years of prime productivity, if you are over 40 years, you are more likely to suffer from breast cancer. It is important to get a mammogram such that any anomalies can be detected at the early stages thus enhancing the chances of total eradication of cancerous cells. Manual breast test is easy and once you muster it, you can test yourself at home first and follow it with a mammogram from an experienced health specialist. Keenly note any unusual lumps in the breasts, and it is preferable if you can do the testing after menses when the breasts are not tender.

  1. Pelvic screening

pelvic testAt 40 years of age, you are still very sexually active and a pap smear will be in order. It might make you slightly uncomfortable, but it can protect you from sexually transmitted diseases such as human papillomavirus (HPV). Cells are scraped from your pelvic surface for testing. Your physician will advise you how often you will need to take a pap test.

  1. Physical examination

Physical_Medical_ExamThis is a detailed medical check that covers everything. Bone health, cancer, gums and teeth and so on will be checked. Usually, you are advised to go for the physical examination even if you have undergone all the other tests that we have listed here. That way, you can get the assurance that you are as healthy as the other tests proclaimed you to be. EVERYONE should go for this annual exam. For women, it mostly consists of:

  • Head and neck – Tonsils, teeth and gums, ear, nose and throat
  • Abdomen – bowel movement, liver health and size, whether there is abdominal fluid
  • Dermatological – nails, skin etc
  • Neurological exam – check reflexes, balance, memory and mental health
  1. Dental examination

dental-examYou should never skip an opportunity to see your dentist who will look for periodontal diseases, mouth ulcers, general condition and cleanliness of the teeth and many others. If there is a time where dental hygiene and health take a backseat, it is when a mother hits 40 years. This doesn’t have to happen to you.

Stay on top of your health with regular medical checks.


Detoxing Safely

Detox safeThere are several known methods of detoxing your body and some can be a little out there in the spectrum of what you really want to go through, but there are some safe ways to detox your body that you can do without taking serious risks to your health. There is no need to buy kits to detox your body and may leave you attached to your bathroom for days and your body feeling like you have been through a boxing match.

If you want to find something that is safe and that you can do on a regular basis, an infrared sauna may be the solution. They can heat muscle tissue and organs up to eliminate toxins, metals, and carcinogens that you would normally find in human tissue and organs. Along with other bad things we do like alcohol and nicotine.

Infrared saunas rise above traditional saunas that only get up to 3 percent of the toxins out and 97 percent water. The infrared saunas usually get up to 20 percent of the toxins out of the body and only 80 percent of that is the water. Detoxing in the infrared saunas can get all those toxins out of the body without causing you to have unwanted stomach symptoms. Make sure to drink plenty of liquids before you use any sauna. The extra water can help with the detoxing and make sure that you do not get dehydrated.

Get your juicing and smoothing on! Eating your veggies and fruits is always good for you, but blending them up into fine pieces that allows the body to absorb the nutrients more is even better. Get that juicer and start blending up your favorite drinks! There are several juicing machines and guides out there. The only difference between the juicing and the smoothie is the fiber. It’s all about the fiber when it comes to smoothies. Make sure the recipes that you are using get that fiber in. It is a great way to detox your body and get the stomach moving without being too hard on it.

Yoga is another good way to safely detox your body. The positions and flows in yoga will help the body to heat up. The twist and turns of the yoga moves actually detox the organs and get the stomach moving. Yoga is an awesome way to feel better and detox fast! There is a reason that rehabs have used it for several decades. It detoxes the chemicals and drugs out of the body.

Anything that you do as far as detoxing should be run by your doctor first to make sure that the method is the right one for you. These are some safer methods, but any regimen involving your health should be something to discuss with a health professional.

Does Garcinia Cambogia Really Work?

Garcinia_1The popularity of Garcinia Cambogia has rocketed due to the endorsements made by famous TV doctor, Dr. Oz. Another effective health supplement is amino acid, especially for those looking to build muscle. The extract from the fruit is said to combat obesity. You, too, must have heard of the claims made by the good doctor about the wonderful benefits of the latest in weight loss supplements. Perhaps, you have even read a Garcinia Cambogia review where people that have tried the product gave their positive feedback.

However, with so many weight loss supplements available in the market, it would be prudent to have some knowledge about a diet pill that you would like to try. In fact, there are a number of ways on how you can find out more about a certain weight loss product. Researching online can produce a lot of articles, as well as, studies that can support the efficiency of a product. Having said that, you can increase what you know about Dr. Oz’ magical solution to obesity by reading a Garcinia Cambogia review. Perhaps, after you’ve read a few testimonies, you can answer the most asked question, “Does it really help people to lose weight?”

Finally, after doing my own reading of reviews, I have found out how the popular plant from South Asia aids weight loss. The Garcinia Cambogia is a plant that has been used for medicinal purposes. In India and Indonesia, mothers have used it’s fruit for treatment of diarrhea, constipation, and other digestion troubles. Another of its many uses include being a natural food preserver. Just recently though, medical studies have shown that the fruit extract can actually help obese people to shed those unhealthy pounds. Any Garcinia Cambogia review that you encounter, will mention how this plant will do just that.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Aid Weight Loss?

The HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid that can be found in the fruit extract prevents the creation of fat deposits in the body. This is also the essential component that helps a person feel satiated. It suppresses the appetite and gives a person control over his or her food cravings.

After taking the product regularly, a person will feel more energetic and will manifest a more positive perception of himself. He will feel happier about his looks and his health. It is a known fact that people who are happy and contented will have lower chances of overeating. On the other hand, depressed and non-confident individuals will have a greater chance to overindulge in order to feel better.

Another Garcinia Cambogia review mentions how the fruit extract of this famous plant can help regulate metabolism. After regular intake of this weight loss supplement, the person’s metabolism rate will increase. This makes the individual more active and more enthusiastic to take on physical work. If before, an overweight person will feel sluggish and always tired, he or she will feel differently after taking this diet supplement. Adding an amino acid supplement can also help.

Using diet supplements can be risky since don’t know which is safe and which is really effective. Fortunately, a Garcinia Cambogia review provides anyone with some enlightenment before he or she buys the popular weight loss product.